BioMedica Group is the bridge

between unique biotech companies

and patients with unmet needs.

BioMedica Group is
the bridge between unique BioTech companies and patients with unmet needs.

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What we do

What we do

Biomedica is a pharmaceutical company specialised in the commercialisation of rare disease products for patients in underserved emerging markets

“How to bring your innovative medicines to patients in emerging markets”

– Partner with Biomedica for expert distribution of innovative medicines to patients in emerging markets, backed by our staff's 20+ years of industry experience

“What is an alternative to out-licensing my product, and how to minimize distribution costs and avoid any upfront payments?”

– Streamline your product management and maximize growth with Biomedica's cost-effective approach, eliminating the need for multiple agreements with local distributors.

“Do you know what countries you should focus to get sharp sales uptake outside of your local territory?”

– With our local presence in 25+ countries we know which ones are the most suitable for your product, where you will have fast uptake and where the biggest patients’ population.

Our services

Biomedica is your trusted partner for commercialising rare disease products in emerging markets. We offer focused, personalized attention, because your patients are the most important thing to us. We advise you on where and how to launch and proactively offer innovative ideas for how to get to the market as fast as possible. We know all the regulations and ensure compliance in every step of the process.

We Bring the Right Expertise
  • Our expert team of healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals has 20+ years’ experience working for and collaborating with global pharma and biotech companies
  • Our deep in-market expertise enables us to access, educate and engage with the right stakeholders, including therapeutic area-specific KOLs, PAGs, providers, payers, and regulators, while also taking advantage of our centralized, global supply chain and medical experts, including QA and PV.
  • We know how to navigate and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations to bring innovative treatments to patients with high unmet medical needs.
We Have Access to Key Emerging Markets
  • We are an EU-based global company with extensive network of offices, representatives and local partners in over 25 emerging market countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, MENA, South Africa and LATAM.
  • Thanks to our extensive network of KOLs and CoEs we can give you access to additional populations totaling 730 million people
  • In rare disease, these geographic regions have a market size of $100B, which is underserved and largely ignored by traditional pharmaceutical 
We Provide Full-Cycle Product Management
  • We offer market-specific advisory services to facilitate market access, regulatory compliance, customer engagement, distribution and supply chain management, including all import permit documentation.
  • We leverage FDA, EMA or any local approvals to maximize opportunities in emerging markets through early access or NPP programs to bring highly innovative treatments to HCPs and their patients.
  • We educate Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) individually for each product (both licensed and unlicensed).
  • We provide full sales and marketing services for licensed products.
We Offer a Cost-Effective, Streamlined Approach
  • We offer an alternative to out-licensing products at a high costs or managing multiple distributors across individual countries.
  • We enhance your profit through lean and efficient operations, tailored approaches, and competitive margins.
  • We require no upfront payment or long-term commitment.
  • Prior to any contract, we offer a global assessment to determine market demand and provide an estimated country by country product launch timeline.

Leadership team

Our expert team of healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals has 20+ years’ experience working for and collaborating with global pharma and biotech companies

Oleg Parosin
Oleg Parosin
Founder and CEO

Oleg Parosin is a Medical Doctor, Pediatrician, MBA Graduate of Magdeburg University International Management Program (2001) and INSEAD Program for Leadership and General Management (2012).

Mr. Parosin started his career in Pharma in Jannsen Cilag (part of JnJ company), then joined Amgen where led many functions – Supply Chain, Access, Commercial Head for many countries and then many years working as General Manager Amgen in CIS countries. In 2019 Mr. Parosin established BioMedica company – global pharmaceutical distributor for innovative medicines.

Ludovit Jurecek
Ludovit Jurecek
Head of Medical Affairs

Mr. Jurecek is serving as a Global Medical and Patient Access Head in Biomedica since March 2021. He has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the biopharma industry. Before joining Biomedica, Ludovit Jurecek worked on General Manager positions at Medison Pharma and Amgen, with prior medical affairs and clinical development roles at Amgen and Schering-Plough. Ludovit finds immensely rewarding to bridge the gap between science and clinical practice, ensuring the innovations align with real-world needs and ultimately seeing patients find renewed hope. Ludovit Jurecek holds MD in General Medicine and PhD in Pharmacology from Comenius University, Slovakia.

Stan Filippin
Stan Filippin
Head of Business
Development and Operations

As Director of Business Development at Biomedica, Stan Filippin is dedicated to identifying cutting-edge therapies and introduce innovative pharmaceutical companies to underserved and emerging markets. Stan brings a wealth of experience from his extensive involvement in the global healthcare and technology sectors, demonstrating his proficiency in business development and a customer-centric approach to drive growth and innovative strategies. His leadership steers Biomedica towards its mission to promote healthcare equity by ensuring equal access without boundaries.

Eugene Vinter
Eugene Vinter
Head of Compliance

Mrs. Vinter is Compliance Professional with 15-year experience and Data Privacy Officer with almost decade experience in pharmaceutical business (Sandoz, Amgen Teva) both RX & OTC segments in CIS, Turkey, MEA countries. She managed day-to-day activities as well as strategic projects including M&A, Joint Venture and start-ups of Compliance function, implementation of compliance program during the FCPA investigation and further improvement under observation of the Monitor assigned in the frame of Deferred Prosecution agreement with USA Department of Justice.

Michaela Bednarova
Michaela Bednarova
Head of Human Resources and Legal Support

Michaela Bednarova is an adept HR leader, instrumental to our evolution and growth, helping to cultivate the high-performance culture that has been key to Biomedica’s success. With legal practice in law firms and significant experience in HR (at Amazon Slovakia or Sheraton Bratislava hotel), she possesses a profound understanding of talent management and employee engagement.

A Comenius University law graduate, Michaela leverages their legal expertise to drive strategic HR solutions. Her people-first approach fosters a positive work culture, nurturing professional growth for all.

Under her guidance, our HR department thrives on innovation, compassion, and inclusivity, empowering every team member to excel. Michaela's collaborative skills bridge the gap between management and staff, fueling our company's ongoing success.

Anna Kurbatova
Anna Kurbatova
Head of Quality Assurance

Anna serves as the Head of Quality Assurance at Biomedica Group. Since 2005, she has amassed significant experience in Quality Assurance, working at some of the industry's most prominent production sites. From 2015 onwards, Anna has been instrumental in the development, upkeep, and ongoing enhancement of quality management systems in the pharmaceutical sector, strictly adhering to GMP/GDP standards and best practices. Prior to her role at Biomedica, Anna held positions at leading pharmaceutical firms including Novo Nordisk, Alvogen, and Farmamondo.

Simona Dzudza
Simona Dzudza
Head of Pharmacovigilance

In her role as Head of Pharmacovigilance, Simona is responsible for the management of global pharmacovigilance system and activities in Biomedica. Supporting company’s strategy, she ensures full compliance with local and global regulatory requirements.

Simona graduated from Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University in Bratislava Slovakia. She holds a master’s degree in nursing management, supplemented by master’s degree in healthcare administration. She joined the pharmaceutical business during her studies, having background in sales, quality assurance and drug safety. Focusing on pharmacovigilance, Simona is experienced in local pharmacovigilance management in CEE region, as well as set up of regional shared service center.

‘Pharmacovigilance has become my passion and I’ve been dedicated to this important area of healthcare since 2012. I believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and I am continually driven to expand my knowledge and expertise. I consider myself a dedicated team player and thrive in environments where diverse perspectives to achieve common goals – leading to ensuring patient’s safety. While I am committed to my professional pursuits, I also cherish the moments spent with my family, my main source of joy and balance in life.


Prof. Oleg Kvlividze, MD, PhD
Prof. Oleg Kvlividze, MD, PhD

Georgian Foundation for Genetic and Rare Diseases (GeRaD) - CEO
EURORDIS, Full Member
RDI, Full Member
ORPHANET, Country Coordinator

Biomedica is the most innovative cutting-edge company providing the best practical solutions for the diagnosis and screening of orphan and ultra-ophthalmic patients in small countries where the problem of identifying and screening populations, especially children outside of big cities, is so actual. The medical department of Biomedica always offers the innovative, non-standard and highly effective solutions for the diagnosis and routing of patients, allowing us to identify even the only patient in the country and start the specific treatment. On behalf of the professional community, we are very grateful to the company for this contribution.

Halyna Kurylo, MD, PhD
Halyna Kurylo, MD, PhD

Assistant of the Department of Surgery and Transplantology 
of the Lviv's Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University

As a lead paediatric surgeon and transplantologist in Ukraine, I’m truly grateful for Biomedica Group. They bring unique medicines to our patients who really need them. Their focus on special, rare treatments is something we don’t see often. They really understand each patient’s needs and find ways to help. Everyone in the medical field respects them. What’s amazing is how they find support for our kids. Biomedica isn’t just a business; they have a big heart. They always do more than expected for our children, and we’re lucky to work with them.

Dr. Dair Nurgaliev, MD, PhD
Dr. Dair Nurgaliev, MD, PhD

Head of Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplantation Department,  
“University Medical Center” Corporate Fund,
Astana, Kazahstan

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, Biomedica shines brilliantly as a beacon of unwavering dedication and groundbreaking innovation. Over my extensive career as a professor, I've borne witness to the unique and often overlooked challenges many patients grapple with. Against this backdrop, Biomedica's personalized, boutique approach to delivering orphan and niche medicinal solutions is nothing short of revolutionary. Their relentless drive to cater to those with unaddressed medical needs, paired with their unparalleled expertise in engaging supportive payers, ensures that no patient, especially our precious children, remains in the shadows. Beyond their remarkable professional achievements, it's the heart and soul of Biomedica that truly resonates within our medical community. Their ethos is a poignant blend of sharp business acumen and profound empathy, making them not only a respected entity but also an inspiration. My heartfelt gratitude to Biomedica for lighting the path and setting the gold standard in patient care.


Our compliance-centric approach, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the local regulatory requirements, ensures a highly customized response to each country and product’s specific regulatory needs, and a swift reaction to changes and risks arising from the evolving regulatory landscape.

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Biomedica GMBH (Headquarter)
Theresienhöhe 28 80339
München, Germany

Biomedica USA
265 Franklin Street Suite 1702
Boston, MA 02110, USA

Biomedica Eastern Europe
P. V. Rovnianka 5136/11 036 01 Martin
okres Martin, Žilinský kraj, Slovensko

Biomedica Czech Republic
(certified storage facility)
Podolí 78e, 66403
Podolí, Czech Republic

Biomedica South Europe and Black Sea
24 Boyanska Str., Dragalevzi Residence Area,
1415 Sofia, Bulgaria

Office Ukraine
Horodotska str, 249 office.73,
Lviv, 79022, Ukraine

Office Georgia
Tsitlanadze 7, floor 8, Office 30,
Tbilisi, Georgia

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